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enables college graduates to use
their degrees to become marketplace missionaries in the villages of Alaska.



Alaska is home to 100 villages without a consistent gospel witness.


Alaskan communities have some of the highest rates of suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse of anywhere in the world.


Rural villages are often hundreds of miles away from the nearest road, accessible only by bush plane.


Cultural barriers and cost of living have made ministry challenging.


 enables college graduates to use their degrees to become marketplace missionaries in the villages of Alaska. They will be:


Missionaries will receive 10 months of cross-cultural missions training experience. The training center is in Fairbanks.


Teams are a critical component of success and longevity in Alaska. After training, missionaries will be sent in teams to strategic villages to live, work, and pioneer the church.


Missionaries will have continued support and coaching as they work as marketplace missionaries in cooperation with AGUSM and the Assemblies of God in Alaska.



We are looking for teachers, nurses and those with bachelor’s degrees that are willing to work towards meeting job opportunities in rural Alaska.


Pay off student debt, gain real-life work experience, and engage in cross-cultural missions.


Missionaries will raise a budget for the first ten months of training.  Marketplace salaries will fund missionaries for subsequent years.

Will you give what you have
to change the story in Alaska?

The application is open November 1, 2023 – February 15, 2024.
Please contact us below through our “contact us” page if you have any questions.


How long is the commitment?

We ask our participants to commit to 1 year of training/preparation and 3 years of marketplace ministry in rural Alaska.

When does it start?

Training begins August 1st of each year.


Do I need to have a specific degree?

A Bachelor’s Degree is the minimum requirement but no specific area of study is required. Our main pathway into villages is through becoming educators. Those who are certified teachers or in the process of becoming certified will have the easiest path. 

How much does it cost? What budget do I have to raise?

Participants will have their budget’s individually assessed for their 10-month training. They will be equipped to raise a missionary budget for the training and then become self-funded missionaries once transitioning to the marketplace.

How do I raise a budget?

We provide Support Raising Training for accepted applicants. This online training is created to equip participants with the tools needed to raise their full budget.


Can I work while doing the training?

Yes! A part of the training actually requires participants to work in the community. Many participants work in the local school systems as substitute teachers. This helps provide experience as well as supplemental income.


Will my loans be forgiven?

Not all student loans are eligible for forgiveness by teaching in an under-served community, but many of them are! Our training team will help you find resources as you navigate loan forgiveness.


How long until I become a missionary in the villages?

From the time participants start the 10-month training program to the time they move to a village is typically about 1 year. 

What does the 10-Month Training program entail?

The 10-Month Training program teaches participants how to engage in cross-cultural ministry, develop Alaskan survival skills, and trains them in theological studies. Our partnership with the Assemblies of God in Alaska gives participants the opportunity to become credentialed ministers upon completion of the program.

Where does the training take place?

The 10-Month Training Program is conducted at our Ministry Training Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. Training includes a 5-Week Village Intensive where participants live in villages with current missionaries. They will also make visits to the HUB1 Training Facility located in Bethel, Alaska.

Where will I live?

During the 10-Month Training Program participants will need to live in Fairbanks, Alaska. We do not provide housing, however we will help participants make appropriate living arrangements in the community.


Paul Burkhart


Paul and Crystal have been in ministry together for almost 20 years. They served as world missionaries in Southeast Asia for 9 years before being called to missions in Alaska. They have now served as the Alaska Chi Alpha directors since 2014. They continue to use what the Lord taught them in Asia to reach college students and minister cross-culturally in the rural places of Alaska.

Steve and Erin Pavek

Anchorage Site Director

Steve and Erin were on staff with Chi Alpha at North Dakota State when the Lord called them to pioneer Chi Alpha on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Their passion is to see the Lord use college ministry to impact every corner of the state.
They have now served as the Anchorage Chi Alpha Directors since 2014.

Crystal Burkhart

Training Director

Crystal serves as the training director for What I Have and is passionate about equipping missionaries both theologically and cross-culturally.

BreAnna Misialek

Administrative Assistant

BreAnna grew up in rural North Dakota and attended North Dakota State University. She visited Alaska for the first time in the summer of 2013 on a missions trip and quickly fell in love. After spending several summers working in rural Alaska she moved to Anchorage to join the Anchorage Chi Alpha team in the fall of 2018. BreAnna brings great energy, passion, and administrative skills to the What i Have team.



May 23rd-29th, 2024


$1,375 includes a flight to a rural village and all expenses within Alaska. Flight to Anchorage not included.


The What i Have In-Roads Experience is designed to give people a glimpse into the possibilities of marketplace missions in rural Alaska.


The application opens November 1, 2023 – February 15, 2024. Please contact us below through our “contact us” page if you have any questions.


Thank you for partnering with us!

All donations are tax-deductible. We run donations through our non-profit “AKSP”.